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steammop-carpet-cleaningIf you do then you’re definitely in the right place. Welcome to the! This website is dedicated to bringing you our own, best steam mop reviews, steam cleaners and handy accessories from across the internet of 2019.

Within this site you’ll find in depth reviews – containing valuable information and guides to help you evaluate the devices currently available.

Not only do we look at established brands but we also examine newcomers to the market – to provide an unbiased spread. Our collection ranges from basic units that are perfect to get started with, right through to the top end mops that provide powerful cleaning power. Don’t forget to book mark us and check back often as we expand this site with new and useful cleaning products for the home.

Editors Choice: The Best Steam Cleaners

Your Guide To The Different Types Of Steam Cleaning Gadgets!:


general_steam_mopDesigned to act as a replacement for the humble mop these types of unit are suited for cleaning floors and refreshing, deodorizing and lifting minor stains from carpets. The mop head shoots out jets of hot steam which effectively lift dirt, grease and grime from floors. Typically a microfibre cloth attached to the base of the mop head will lift off and hold the dirt broken down by the steam.

What Can I Expect To Pay?

Typically basic devices are priced between around £20 – £60. When you consider that some mops and buckets can often cost up to £10-£15 (with some Vileda mops costing up to £30!) it is easy to see why people are turning to steam cleaners.

Who Is It Suitable For?

A basic unit is ideal for anyone wishing to replace their old mop with a solution that will virtually always last a lot longer than traditional mops (therefore a lot more economical too), clean effectively and reduce the use of chemicals in their home. However, if you’re looking for something that can clean more than just floors and carpets then see the ‘Multi-Function’ tab above.
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multipurpose-steam-cleanerDespite often being very similar in appearance to a general steam mop, multifunction devices offer a lots more features and for this reason fall more into the bracket of a steam cleaner.

One of the major ways multifunction devices differ is that the mop body often contains a removable hand-held steam cleaner and a variety of attachments designed to tackle almost any cleaning task.

This gives the best of both worlds: a powerful, chemical free mop that does not leave streaks or residue and a handheld cleaner that can breeze through mundane cleaning tasks like washing windows, cleaning cooker tops and tiles – just to name a few.

What Can I Expect To Pay?

Multipurpose devices come in at a little more expensive than steam mops but only because they offer so much more and are the equivalent to several cleaning devices in one compact unit.However, we feel they are worth the extra investment. They are priced anywhere from £40 right up to around £180 and can fit almost any budget.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Due to their versatile nature they are suitable for anyone looking to speed up mundane cleaning tasks around the home with a convenient and easily portable device.

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hand-held-steam-cleanerHand-held cleaners are the smallest of the bunch, making them very portable whilst still providing a powerful cleaning action.

Often shaped like a small kettle or teapot these cleaners eject a jet of hot steam to a (usually) focused point to lift off dirt. A multitude of attachments supplied with the device increases the range of what they can clean. From clothing and upholstery, to barbeques and cooker tops – they are up to most tasks.

What Can I Expect To Pay?

Typically priced between £15 and £50 handheld steam cleaners are very competitively priced.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Because steam cleaners offer anti-bacterial action and help make light work of most cleaning tasks that would otherwise require a lot of elbow grease and using solvents/cleaners, they are ideal for virtually any house hold.

However, if you’re looking for a device that can perform the above tasks but also be used to clean flooring, we recommend looking at a multipurpose steam cleaner.

What to look for when buying:

Heating Time

The faster the heating time the faster you can get the job done! Whilst the type of cleaner will mean the heat up time can vary, for most mops and cleaners today a heat up time of less than 40 seconds is the most ideal.

This is worth thinking about if the mop is gong to be heavily used. Each time the water tank is refilled during use means time will be spent waiting for the mop to reheat. So a faster heat up time means less waiting.

Intended Use

vax-s6-cleaning-greaseWhat do you want to use it for? Are you looking for a general purpose cleaner? Or perhaps just something to keeps the marks on the kitchen floor made by the dog at bay? Or are you just looking for something to help whizz around the bathroom and clean the cooker?

A trivial, but an important question to ask. Knowing the type of cleaning you want to do with the steam cleaner will help you select the right product. For example; a hand-held cleaner would be inadequate for cleaning large areas of floor and a mop would obviously not be suitable for cleaning upholstery! It is easy to buy something on a whim and then realize we need it to do a little bit more later – so taking the time to think about what you need a cleaner to do really will help make sure you get the most suitable unit for you.

Tank Size

9-in1-water-tankThe tank holds the water which produces the steam. Basically a larger tank means more cleaning time before refills – this goes hand-in-hand with the heating time.

Heavy users will need to opt for a larger tank size to allow for longer periods of cleaning before refilling. Where as less frequent users who wish to use the mop for more routine tasks will generally be fine will smaller tanks.

Cord Length

A shorter cord means changing sockets more often to get your cleaning done. It could also mean you may need to use (or buy) extensions leads to get the length you need. We recommend a length of 5-7m as being adequate for most UK homes. This would typically allow you to clean a whole room or two before changing sockets. Although if you plan on using it solely in one room, such as your bathroom, you can get away with a slightly shorter cord.


Finally, we reach price – rightly so too! It is very important that we all make sure we get excellent value for money; and the items we buy for our homes are an investment – not simply a cost.

Generally speaking most steam powered devices are relatively inexpensive, and despite an initially higher outlay, over buying a regular mop, they can easily pay for themselves in a short amount of time. Expensive detergents and mop heads that wear out, soon mean a regular mop can rack up expense – a steam cleaner does not have these costs to run.

Multipurpose cleaners, in our opinion, represent the ultimate in value. Because they can do the job of several tools (which would be more expensive to buy separately) and sill not take up much room to store.

Hand-held cleaners are extremely cost effective. Starting from as little as £15 it is clear to see why people are attracted to them. Often buying scouring sponges, pads and chemicals for cleaning your oven once can cost as much as an entry level hand-held cleaner which you can use time and time again. Not only this by they can be used on a whole host of tasks (see the ‘different types’ section above for more information).

What next?

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