Abode ADSM4001 Steam Mop Review

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The Abode ADSM4001 is currently not available. We recommend browsing the full range of Abode steam mops here, or checking out the Vax S86-SF-CC Steam Mop


The ADSM4001 by Abode is an award winning mop that boasts an impressive specification. We were curious to see if this device could compete with some of the entries made by manufacturers already well established in this field like those made by Vax. Particularly as Abode are newcomers to the steam mop arena having released their first unit – the ASM2001 – in 2011.

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Abode ADSM4001 – Overview


With only a small line of steam mops to its name the ADSM4001 is one of the latest entries into the market made by Abode. It’s has some well thought out features and accessories that allow for easy and fast cleaning on both hard and soft floors and this is certainly not an area where the Abode ADSM lets itself down. In fact, independent consumer advice body ‘Which’ awarded it a ‘best buy’ award in 2013; and the ADSM4001 definitely falls into the ‘budget’ bracket making it within virtually everybody’s price range.

Inside the box:

Inside the box is everything you need to use ADSM4001 straight away – without the need buy extra accessories or detergent. Abode have included two 500ml bottles of detergent, which help give the ADSM extra cleaning power when needed, and leaves a fresh citrus scent after use.

It is worth pointing out that using the detergent is optional and the Abode ADSM4001 can comfortably clean using only steam. This point is particularly important if one of the reasons you’re thinking of buying this is to reduce the use of chemical cleaners in your home.

Some Assembly Required…

The ADSM4001 doesn’t arrive as complete unit and does require some assembly to put together. Abode have though of this and made the mop easy for anyone to assemble and requires no tools to fit together. This is a considered forethought and removes the ‘flat-pack’ frustration of fiddly screws or pegs, for example.

The main body of the mop arrives in 3 main parts: the handle, the main mop body and the mop head – each of these easily click together with one another. You can literally have it out of the box and ready to use in only a few minutes.


Also included are two cleaning pads that attach to the base of the mop head. These are essentially microfiber clothes which absorb the dirt and grime lifted off the floor by the steaming action. The cleaning pads are re-useable, meaning they should last quite some time before needing to be replaced. As you’ve probably guessed all you need to do to refresh them is pop them into your washing machine. Once dry they are ready to be used again.

This mop also features a dual tank system and simple dial which allows you to choose if detergent is dispensed into the steam or not. Ultimately this has been included to allow a little more flexibility in what you can clean at one time without having to change the contents of the tank – especially as the supplied detergent is unsuitable for use on carpets. However, the detergent is really only needed when removing ground in dirt or stubborn stains. The grime busting and antibacterial power of the steam will be sufficient for nearly all general, day-to-day purposes.

How to use the Abode ADSM4001

The ADSM4001 is switched on using a large button on the front of the steam mop, a single press switches the mop on and another press turns it off. Beneath the power button are a two indication lights. The first is a simple power light to let you know the unit is on, the second light will switch on when the mop is ready to use. Typically the mop will take around 40 seconds to heat up – which is fast! Once heated one tank of water will provide around 15 minutes of steam cleaning time. This should be more than ample to do most basic cleaning jobs and if you do need to refill the re-heat time is obviously very fast.

Beneath the indicator lights is the detergent dial. Turning this to the ‘open’ position will add detergent to the steam. But, we’ll cover a little more on this below.

This mop also comes with a very lengthy 8 meter lead so you can clean quite a considerable area without needing to change sockets and then wait for the machine to heat up again – making it ideal for cleaning most rooms.

So how do you use it?

To use Abode ADSM4001 you need to start by filling the water tank. This is found on the top, back of the mop body and can be removed with a simple upwards pull. The tank can hold up to 500ml of water and ideally should be filled using the supplied filler cup to prevent over filling. The filler cup conveniently comes with measurements levels listed on the side so it is possible to see exactly how much water is being poured into the tank. Once complete the tank can be slotted back onto the mop body by pushing it down until it locks into place.

To use the mop with detergent you need to follow a similar process to filling the water tank. The detergent tank is located at the front, top of the mop body and detaches by simply gripping the sides of the tank and pulling it upwards. Just like the water tank you can’t fill the detergent tank right to the top and you need to use the supplied measuring jug to put in a total of 180ml of liquid.


Don’t forget!

One interesting point, that is worth mentioning (and could easily catch some people out), is that the detergent cannot be used neat. You need to dilute it quite considerably using 30ml of detergent to 150ml of water. Whilst this may seem like a little bit of messing around it does have the bonus of making supplied detergent last a lot longer than we initially expected (500ml is not a lot of detergent). Plus it only really takes a few seconds to do.

Once the water tank (and optional detergent tank) have been filled the mop is ready for use. The handle contains the trigger which releases the steam and gives you full control over when and how much steam is released. Simply hold the trigger and move the mop backwards and forwards across the floor. You can even hold the mop for a few seconds on stubborn marks to help remove them without using the detergent – just remember not to hold it in one place for too long, otherwise you might scorch your floor!


The mop head is shaped like a rounded corner triangle which is an ideal shape to glide around objects and get right into corners for thorough cleaning.

To use the mop on carpets Abode have included a ‘carpet glider’. This is a plastic tray which the mop head can be placed in. This raises the head slightly and provides a smooth plastic surface to reduce friction and allow the mop head to ‘glide’ across the carpet. It is a shame this is cannot be ‘clipped’ to the mop head and can cause it to sometimes fall off the mop. For example, lifting the unit to move up/down the steps can cause the glider to occasionally fall off.

Cooling plate

It may not be top of the priorities list when buying a steam mop, but storage after use is something worth thinking about. To put this in context, our previous steam mop required us to put it in the bath after use to stop it potentially scorching the floor and leaking hot water as it cooled. Abode have obviously considered this and supplied a cooling plate to pop the ADSM4001 onto after use. This is something which may not seem immediately beneficial but most users are sure to find this convenient immediately after using it the first time.

What we think about the Abode ADSM 4001 Steam Mop:

Despite having one or two niggles this unit boasts a lot of well-thought out features. From it’s compact and easily portable size to its fast heat up time this mop represents what we all love about convenience products that are designed to make our lives easier – and is also backed by a ‘Which’ best buy award.

This is a firm favourite of ours which can really hold it’s own when compared with some of the established brands like Vax, whilst still retaining a sensible price. We recommend checking out the ADSM4001, particularly as it is currently on offer here.