Bissell Select 23v8-e Review

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Cultivating a rather 80s appearance the Bissell Select 23v8-e is not the most modern looking steam mop. It is however very sturdy and has a metal shaft which runs through the entire unit, allowing it to take the bumps and knocks that can occur on the daily grind of cleaning. It is basic and lacks some features and accessories when compared to products offered by some of it competitors in a similar price range such as the Abode ADSM4001 or Vax S7. But, with the Bissell Select 23v8-e is it a case of quality over quantity?

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Bissell Select 23v8-e – Overview

This steam mop is no-nonsense in its design and you could say isn’t as ‘sleek’ as some other units. But, Bissell brings over 100 years of knowledge in the cleaning market having invented the floor sweeper in 1876, and this experience shows with some of the features in this steam mop – which is what really counts.

The 23v8-e is reasonably light weighing only 7kg and can provide a total of 15 minutes continuous steam with its 0.5 litre water tank. This is about average for most steam mops and should provide more than enough steam on one tank to easily clean 2 average rooms without refilling.

bissell-microfibre-padA steam mop needs to be quite mobile and a short lead can be a real pain because it means you will frequently need to change sockets – this means wasting time waiting for the unit to reheat! So, it is great to see that the 23v8-e sports a very roomy 7.6m cord. In most average UK homes you could quite comfortably clean around 2 rooms without changing sockets on a lead this long.

The head of this mop is triangular in shape making it very maneuverable and able to clean into the tightest corners. This is shape we prefer to see, because some of the larger rectangle heads can often have difficulty cleaning right up to the edges of floors. An angular head allows for a perfect clean all over.

Inside The Box:

Because the 23v8-e is a steam mop and not a multifunction device it does not arrive with a ton of attachments. You essentially receive the mop (which arrives in 3 parts) and two different mop heads (more on those below). Assembling the mop is simple and for those of you not keen on DIY it doesn’t require any tools which is a bonus. The 3 parts of the mop – the handle, mop body and mop head – simple push and lock into place. It is possible to assemble it in seconds.

We mentioned above that inside the box are a selection of two different mop heads. The first mop head is white and features a soft scrubbing surface which is perfect for gently cleaning laminate floors or delicate surfaces where anything more abrasive might leave scratches. The second mop head is grey and white striped so you can easily distinguish it from the first. It designed to have a little more oomph(!) and is slightly more abrasive making it perfect for dealing with tougher messes and for more hardy lino floors. Both the mop heads are reusable and can be popped into your washing machine for easy cleaning.

We were surprised to find that Bissell have not included a carpet glider attachment. These rather handy attachments allow you to use your steam cleaner to lightly clean and deodorize your carpets, without one the 23v8-e is limited to cleaning only hard floors. Also not included is a bottle of cleaning detergent (which Bissell advertises you can buy separately). To us this is no real loss however, because part of the appeal of steam cleaning is to do away with the use of harsh chemical cleaners.

Basic Controls

bissell-steam-mopUsing the 23v8-e is a simple – all you need to do is fill the water tank and switch the unit on. After 30 seconds it will be hot enough to start steam cleaning your floors. Filling the water tank is also very easy. It can be pulled out of the machine and directly filled under a tap – so there is no need to fiddle around with funnels or trying to pour water directly into the side of the unit.

On the handle is a ‘Steam on demand trigger’. This gives you complete control over how much steam is released and when. Some units emit steam continuously and if you hold the mop in one place too long you can end up with puddles all over your floor. The advantage of a trigger system is that it will allow you to clean at your own pace rather then attempting to rush the cleaning to keep up with the steam emission. This is a very basic, but useful, feature we always like to see.

Like any good steam mop the 23v8-e can also be used to sanitize your floors, killing virtually all bacteria in its path for a pristine clean without using harsh chemicals. All you need to do is hold the mop head in one place for around 10-15 seconds for a complete sanitizing clean. This is especially useful if you own pets and need to sanitize after an ‘accident’. Using steam to sanitize also means you won’t have any residue deposited on your floors after cleaning, for a streak free finish. This is something many chemical cleaners leave behind.

When you’re done cleaning you can remove the mop pad for cleaning and reuse. The pad is attached using a pull cord and is slipped over the mop head and secured by pulling the cord and fastening a toggle. This does mean you will need to be careful when removing the pad because it will be hot! Vax provide a handy tab on the corner of the pad so you can press down with your foot and lift the mop to remove it – avoiding the risk of burning your fingers.

What Can You Clean With it?


As you might expect this unit is perfect for cleaning most hard floors from vinyl to marble and sealed hard wood floors or stone. You do need to be a bit careful however when it comes to waxed or unsealed wooden floors. The steam is so good at cleaning that it can strip away the wax reducing the shine on the floor; and with unsealed floors the steam can cause the floor to buckle or swell slightly. So always test in a small inconspicuous area before use if you are unsure.

However, for virtually every kind of common floor this mop will work just fine. It is also worth mentioning that this warning applies to every steam mop, not just this one.

Bissell Select 23v8-e: Good Value For Money?

This mop wouldn’t win any design awards but what really counts is how it cleans and the 23v8-e is equally as good as any of its competitors. It’s simple operation and use also make it very easy to work with and solid construction should allow it to last for years of use – if cared for properly. It is definitely work a look and comes with the backing of a one year warranty from a very well established brand.