Morphy Richards Steam Mop 9-in-1 720502 Review

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The Morphy Richards steam mop 9-in-1 range offers some serious competition to the units provided by cleaning giant Vax. With some impressively designed features, spread of functionality, cleaning power and run time, the 720502 represents the mid range model in Morphy Richards 9-in-1 range and has a great review history. So, dive into our review below to find out if this mop is right for you.

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Morphy Richards 9-in-1 720502  – Overview

Let’s begin by taking a quick overview of this device and what can be expected of it, regarding both it’s performance and usability.

morphy-richards-hot-steam-mopThe 720502 provides super heated steam – heated to 115 degrees Celsius – this is incredibly hot! The high temperature means this device can offer impressive cleaning power combined with effective dust/mite removal from fabrics. At these temperatures this cleaner will also eradicate virtually all bacteria – something cleaners operating on lower temperatures may not do.

Because of the higher temperature steam produced we recommend you test a small, inconspicuous area of your floor/fabric etc before using it. Whist we think that virtually all common surface in the home should be OK at this temperature, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Moving up from their previous models in the 9-in-1 range this cleaner also sports a larger floor head to help increase the speed of cleaning. A welcome consideration that we’re confident must of us would appreciate!

The unit features a 400ml water tank that allows for a very lengthy 20 minutes of cleaning time before needing to be refilled (around 5-10 minutes more than most other models). The 5m power cord is slightly on the short side, however this should still be adequate for most cleaning purposes without needing to change sockets.

Morphy Richards also offer up to a 2 year guarantee with this mop (subject to terms and availability). We thought it was worth mentioning that to claim the warranty the mop needs to be registered with Morphy Richards – this is something that can catch some consumers out. So, if you decide to get this model it would be worth remembering to do.

Inside the box:

As you might expect this device comes with a huge array of attachments, devices and gizmos; and the mop itself arrives in 3 main parts. The assembly of the mop is very straightforward (comprising of the handle, mop body and mop head), but it does require two screws to lock the handle to the body. Most other manufacturers stick to a simple ‘click-and-lock’ system for assembly so we were quite surprised to see this, although this does make for a very sturdy fit.


There are 11 attachments provided with this cleaner. They can be used to perform a whole host of cleaning tasks from cleaning tile grout, sanitizing toilet bowls, steaming cleaning fabrics/carpets, cleaning your shower and cooker tops to simply cleaning floors. Each device supplied can itself be used to clean many things and it not limited to the example functions supplied by Morphy Richards. Our personal favourite is the spatula attachment that can be used to power through stuck on food or grease that would usually take a lot of scrubbing to remove.

With the multitude of attachments supplied comes the inevitable problem of storage and the possibility that some may get lost over time. Well, a handy accessory bag supplied with the mop provides ample and safe storage. It is the little details that really impress with this device – and there is even a hook on the back of the mop that the bag can be stored on when not in use.

Basic Controls

As with most steam cleaners the controls are very simple. A switch located on the back of the mop body brings the device to life and starts heating the unit ready to produce steam (this takes 30 seconds). A handy power light illuminates on the front to show the device is switched on.

When the cleaner is being used as a mop the handle houses the steam trigger and a simple press is all that is required to release bursts of steam.

So how do you use it?

Uncoiling the power cord from the device might not be something usually worth mentioning, however the upper cord storage hook can be rotated downwards allowing the cord to easily slide off. Another nice touch that impressed us.


Following a tradition set by most steam cleaners before it, the water tank requires nothing more than a squeezing two buttons and a gentle pull to remove. Once removed a twist dial on the side of thank acts as the the filler cap. Again, this is a subtle feature that impresses because, unlike some caps which are just pulled out, this one locks into place making leaks or spillages a lot less likely. The tank is also transparent making it easy to see how much water is remaining.

moprhy-richards-9-in-1-water-tank-weightThe transparent sides also make it easy to see another well designed feature inside – this is a small brass ball attached to the end of a small plastic hose. This simple device allows the cleaner to operate at any angle. The weight of the brass ensures the plastic hose (which draws out water to produce steam) is always under the water level.

Before the mop can be used to clean floors a the floor cloth needs to be attached. In an unusual move by Morphy Richards this resembles something like a draw-string bag and is slipped over the mop head before a toggle is tightened to hold it in place. Most cleaners use a Velcro style system to hold the cleaning pad in place. This does not have an effect in the performance, it is simply not as fast to place on and remove.

A simple forwards and backwards motion is all that is required to clean floors whilst using bursts of steam. For stubborn dirt or delicate surfaces you can even adjust the steam settings by selecting higher or lower steam output. This replaces the detergent mode used on some other cleaners where a chemical cleaner is released into the steam to help power through stubborn dirt etc. Allowing you to keep your cleaning with this device completely chemical free – something we see as a huge plus point.


A carpet glider is supplied allowing the steam cleaner to refresh and gently clean any carpets in the home. One disappointment here is that the carpet glider is a loose fit and does not lock onto the mop head. Whilst this is ultimately down to personal preference, it can cause some problems when cleaning stairs, for example.

Using it as a steam cleaner:

So far we’ve only covered this device as a floor cleaner but, as mentioned, it has a whole host of other cleaning functions. To use these we need to detach the small hand-held steam cleaner from the mop body. This is held in by place by a simple locking button, sliding this upwards and gently pulling the cleaner out in an upwards motion is all that is required to release it.

The attachments cannot be fitted directly to the cleaner body and instead require an intermediary attachment – an attachment for the attachments, if you will! Fitting the supplied attachment connecter to the cleaner body will then allow any one of the attachments to be used. Whilst this does seem an oddly superfluous step it is one common to most steam cleaners.


Whilst we have listed the common items you can clean with this device, such as grills, grout and flooring it can also be used on more delicate surfaces such as upholstery and glass. To effectively clean these surfaces Morphy Richards have supplied a rather unique attachment that serves as the base connector for 3 other attachments. The base adapter resembles a small mop head and can have a soft utility cloth, squeegee or mini cleaning head and cloth attached to it. On first appearances this seems rather odd, but it allows the head to be customised to clean a variety of surfaces from windows, bedding/mattresses, cabinets and work surfaces and much more. Some other steam cleaners come with one attachment that attempts to fit most of the purposes listed above – this can sometimes lead to inadequate performance. By taking this approach Morphy Richards have provided an elegant solution to this problem whilst still retaining exceptional cleaning performance.

What we think about the Morphy Richards 9-in1 Steam Mop:

Overall we were very impressed with this entry by Morphy Richards. It competes very well with other well-established brands in the cleaning market and offers an array of impressive features and exceptional performance. It even comes out ahead (in our opinion) in some areas when compared to equivalent models produced by Vax – making this an excellent all rounder.